Ron Luce is the president and founder of Teen Mania International, a Christian youth organization that reaches millions of young people worldwide.

Raised in a broken home, Ron ran away at the age of 15 and became involved in drug and alcohol abuse before finding Jesus at the age of 16.  The life-transforming impact of Christ inspired Ron to dedicate his life to reaching young people.  After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Theology and Psychology and a master’s degree in Counseling, Ron and his wife, Katie, started Teen Mania in 1986 with nothing more than a Chevy Citation.  Their dream was to raise up an army of young people who would change the world.

As a part of Teen Mania, Ron rallies teens all over the U.S. in arenas and stadiums at events called Acquire the Fire, with over 3 million attendees to date. The weekly international television program, Acquire the Fire, and web initiatives reaches hundreds of thousands monthly. Teen Mania has sent over 73,044 teens all over the world on summer missions trips with Acquire The Fire’s Global Expeditions.  Ron appeared as a teen culture expert on CNN God’s Warriors, ABC Nightline, NBC, The Sean Hannity Show, The O’Reilly Factor, 700 Club, and Focus on the Family.

He has also written 30 books for teenagers and their parents, including one of his newest releases, ReCreate: Building a Culture in Your Home Stronger than the Culture Deceiving Your Kids, empowering parents of this young generation to reclaim influence in the home and take back the hearts and minds of their children. The teen version ReCreate Your World, which was co-written by his daughter Charity Luce, was released to aid young people in their pursuit of taking back what the culture has robbed them of; as well as, Connecting with God: A Teen Mania Devotional which was published to help teens in their daily connection with God.

Ron and Katie live in Garden Valley, Texas while all of their children are off changing the world as well.