Global Expeditions is the only premier short-term missions organization with the three-fold focus of: TRAINING people of every age to effectively share the Gospel, IMPACTING the national culture with the life-changing message of Christ, and GIVING each individual missionary an experience that will change their life on the adventure of a lifetime!

In addition, we have several specific mission trip components that make us unique:

  1. Safety Assurance
  2. Certified Leaders
  3. Intensive Training
  4. Parent Assistance


During every phase of a Global Expedition short-term mission trip, safety is given the highest priority.

Before a country is even selected as a destination, it is evaluated for political stability, recent and previous history, as well as any national issues that may have the potential to escalate. Once a country is selected, it is continually monitored to ensure safety.

Global Expeditions’ staff monitors travel advisories issued by the U.S. State Department and are in frequent communication with local contacts in the designated base cities. In addition, each project is personally previewed by a member of our International Operations staff and during their visit they work with local contacts to ensure the safety and viability of all food, housing, transportation and ministry locations. If at any time during the preparation process a country becomes unsafe, the trip will be cancelled and all affected missionaries will be assigned to another safer country. If conditions were ever to become unsafe during the trip itself, the appropriate emergency protocol for that destination would be followed and all parents immediately informed. 


  • Pre-Trip site visits are completed by Global Expeditions staff experts
  • Verification of safety spec details for each project
  • All Team Leaders and Project Directors require Global Expeditions certification
  • Global mission partners are validated by Global Expeditions International Operations Dept.
  • Continual monitoring of all advisories issued by the U.S. State Department
  • Trips are under constant advisement from Global Expeditions International Ops staff
  • Safety and viability of all transportation, housing, food and ministry locations are verified
  • 1:5 Leader to missionary ratio and a strict “Never Alone” policy are standard
  • Emergency protocols are in place for each project


Team Leaders and Project Directors must be certified to lead a Global Expeditions Short-Term Mission Trip. On a typical mission trip, a Project Director oversees all administrative operations and are responsible for teaching, training, disciplining and ministry for the entire group. Each Project Director has been hand-selected by Global Expeditions staff for their experience and proven leadership. They ensure a safe, high-quality experience for each missionary. They annually attend continuing education at Global Expeditions headquarters each spring in addition to their initial certification. Within most projects, the teens are split into teams of 25-30 missionaries. A Global Expeditions Certified Team Leader is responsible for overseeing the daily ministry of each team. All Team Leaders are certified at regional seminars throughout the country. The team is then divided into smaller same-gendered groups of 4-6 teens who are each supervised by a Missionary Advisor (ages 18+). The Missionary Advisor is responsible for the accountability and discipleship of his or her small group and is under the supervision of the Team Leaders.



Training begins the moment you are placed on your mission trip. Download the items containing what you need to get ready. A guidebook, that includes critical details such as fundraising blueprints, a schedule of optional online mission classes and contact information for your assigned representative, is included in this package. Your mission trip Representative will help you get a passport, fill out the paperwork, and help you get to your trip’s starting location.


Most short-term mission trips begin with 1-2 days of preparation. It’s during this time that you will get to know your leaders and teammates and discover how to share the gospel most effectively in the region you are going to, and learn the tools you will use to connect with the nationals (dramas, children’s ministry, dance, skits, etc.).


Even after your mission trip has begun, the training continues. We’re committed to provoking every missionary to grow in their relationship with God. Throughout the trip leaders will share from God’s Word on several important topics. These daily coaching moments will help you capture life lessons that will impact you forever!


True learning requires reflection. This is why, at the conclusion of your mission trip, you will gather with your team for a time of sharing testimonies and rejoicing in all that God has done in and through you. A final time of corporate worship and celebration will seal the work God has done in your heart.


We recognize that parents are our partners and so have made communication to them an important part of what we provide. Our Parent FAQ section is robust and our representatives are also available to answer questions not yet online.