8 Days – Trip U

Join one of Global Expeditions oldest and most popular trips to Mexico. Join with hundreds of other missionaries as you go into Mexico with the love of Jesus. Where you will be heading, it’s not uncommon to see families living in a box or an abandoned car, being looked past every day, wanting simply to be acknowledged or given some source of hope. This trip to Mexico is one of our most popular trips for a reason.

This trip embodies what Christianity is all about and represents the very heart of Global Expeditions. We want to bring hope and life to a world that has none. We not only tell them about Jesus Christ, but we band together to help meet the physical needs of the world in ways that will change their lives forever. When you come with Global Expeditions, you are guaranteed to experience one of the most exciting and unforgettable adventures of your life.



    Roll up your sleeves, pick up your hammer, and get ready to give of your strength this summer. In cities with poverty that would dare to call scraps of cardboard and tin “home”, we will boldly enter with a presentation of the Gospel that they could have never dreamed of before – a brand new home built by complete strangers… or rather, world changers.


    There is nothing quite like the laughter of children from a response to pure joy. As you play games, give of your energy, and present the love of Jesus to His children. You will be forever redirecting the path of their lives to eternity. So grab a tiny hand and brace your heart for the wide-eyed anticipation awaiting your arrival.


    Ministry is not for the faint of heart nor is it confined to the four walls of a church. This summer, you will be walking the streets and see the pain, skepticism, and desperate faces of the nations. Prepare to meet the hopeless and engage in one-on-one conversations that will dive deep into their lives as you share your personal testimony and The Hope of the Nations.


Day 1 – Arrive in San Diego (we are meeting at the San Diego airport) and register for your trip! You will then load onto a bus for the trip across the border! Once you arrive in Mexico, you’ll set up camp and that night we will focus on understanding our goals for the mission trip and asking God to prepare us for ministry!

Day 2 – Train for your mission trip. You will learn about the programs you’ll be leading and how to interact with the people of Baja. You will also learn how to share your testimony effectively.

Day 3-6 – Share your faith in Baja, Mexico through children’s programs and testimony sharing through home visitations in the community! Each day your team will partner with another team and share the responsibility building a house for a family and on the last day of ministry you will all host a home dedication ceremony and present the new keys to them!

Day 7 – Spend a day with your team on the ocean’s coast and shop around for souvenirs in the local markets!

Day 8 – Travel back home and continue making a difference in your community!

* Schedule is subject to change *Project Directors and Team Leaders are required to arrive to begin their mission trip on July 16 and Mission Advisers on July 17.


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All participants will be responsible to travel to the trip’s starting point.

Full-Time Leadership

Hand selected leadership that is with you at all times.


The cost for food is included in your trip cost so that all meals will be provided for you while with Global Expeditions.


Missionaries will be required to call home upon arrival in San Diego then once they are back in San Diego after the trip. They will not be able to call from Mexico.


In Baja, the housing accommodations will be at a secure ranch/campground where we will be staying in tents. Showers and hot water are available in a separate building and bathrooms will be portable outhouses. We will have a covered dining area and evening sessions and worship will be held in the open-air.

Fun Day

During our mission to Baja one day will be set-aside for us to enjoy the beautiful and exotic country that we have traveled to. On this day you will get to experience the country in a fun way that you will leave you with stories you will never forget. Going to a local market and bartering/trading with locals for incredible souvenirs. You’ll get a chance to head to the coast and spend the day at a beachside market exploring different shops and going to safe and clean authentic Mexican restaurants!



*Airfare not included *Must be at least 13 years old by trip start date.

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