21 Days – Trip B

In 1952 five young men set out on an adventure to change Ecuador. Little did these men know that in 1956 their lives would end at the end of a spear. They gave everything for the gospel to reach a tribe no one cared about. Their challenge to you is to pick up where they left off. Jim Eliot, Nate Saint, Ed McCully, Roger Youderian, and Pete Fleming gave their lives to reach a tribe. Pick up their banner and head back into the jungles of Ecuador to continue what they started!

Prepare to embark on one of the coolest, most exciting, and unique trips that Global Expeditions offers! On your expedition to Ecuador you will be taking part in Church planting. Your mission will literally to be to take part in the Great Commission and to help create a place specifically designed for long-term discipleship in another country. If you like to work and see the results of your labor in front of you, Ecuador will be an amazing trip for you to be a part of. Use your own two hands to build something that will forever change the lives of the Ecuadorian people.



    There is nothing quite like the laughter of children from a response to pure joy. As you play games, give of your energy, and present the love of Jesus to His children. You will be forever redirecting the path of their lives to eternity. So grab a tiny hand and brace your heart for the wide-eyed anticipation awaiting your arrival.


    Ministry is not for the faint of heart nor is it confined to the four walls of a church. This summer, you will be walking the streets and see the pain, skepticism, and desperate faces of the nations. Prepare to meet the hopeless and engage in one-on-one conversations that will dive deep into their lives as you share your personal testimony and The Hope of the Nations.


    Fill a local need by giving your time and energy to serve those in need. Helping someone who physically can’t do something or doesn’t have the resources to improve their daily life is something you’ll never forget. Set aside your agenda and simply love the world with your hands.


    Roll up your sleeves, pick up your hammer, and get ready to give of your strength this summer. In cities with poverty that would dare to call scraps of cardboard and tin “home”, we will boldly enter with a presentation of the Gospel that they could have never dreamed of before – our plan is to continue building a church we started last summer!


Day 1 – Arrive to your trips meeting airport in the US and board your international flight for your trip!

Day 2-3 – Train for your mission trip. You will learn about the outreaches you’ll be leading and how to interact with the people of Ecuador. You will also learn how to share your testimony effectively.

Day 4-19 – Experience Ecuador and share your life and faith among the people there!

Day 20 – Take a break and go on your fun day! Spend time celebrating with your new friends all God has done! You will also get critical “debriefing” training that will help prepare you to adapt successfully back into your own community and know how to share the story of your mission trip with your friends and family.

Day 21 – Travel back home and continue making a difference in your community!

*Schedule is subject to change *Project Directors and Team Leaders are required to arrive July 5 and Mission Advisers July 6 for the Leadership Training Experience.


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lobal Expeditions will work to secure your airfare from your Home to meet everyone at the Miami International Airport (MIA) then on to Ecuador and back home after the trip. If you are driving to MIA please talk to your representative.

Full-Time Leadership

Hand selected leadership that is with you at all times.


The cost for food is included in your trip cost so that all meals will be provided for you while with Global Expeditions.


Missionaries will be required to call home at least 3 times during the trip.


In Ecuador we will be staying at an orphanage where the conditions are rustic, but comfortable. We’ll be using our sleeping bags again on the bunk beds and showering in regular ‘gym-style’ showers.

Fun Day

During our mission to Ecuador one day will be set-aside for us to enjoy the beautiful and exotic country that we have traveled to. On this day you will get to experience the country in a fun way that you will leave you with stories you will never forget. Missionaries will be stopping in Papayacta on their way back to the city from the Jungle. Papayacta are thermal waters and spending time here will be the perfect way for students to relax after working hard building the new church! Once everyone arrives back in the city, they will go to a market and have an opportunity to buy unique Ecuadorian souvenirs and enjoy more Ecuadorian culture!

*Additional cost for Papyacta thermal waters (approx. $40)


*Airfare not included *Estimated international airfare $996 from MIA (subject to change) – Includes Travel Insurance *Must be at least 13 years old by trip start date.

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