Impact a Generation!


God is calling young college students, business professionals, parents, and caring adults from all over North America to be mentors, coaches, and leadership examples to the millennial teens of today.

Not only can you change the lives of people around the world this summer on missions, but you have an opportunity to impact the life of young men. We are calling on YOU to stand up and lead this generation. How awesome would it be for you to impact a young life just like this leader did:

“I had a chance to spend time with the guys on my team. One young man shared that just months before he had been depressed and tried committing suicide. He hadn’t had the courage to talk to anyone until this point. This began a new point in his life; he was able to talk to his parents and Pastor about the situation. God put me right in the middle of this and I was able to be used by Him.”

We need you to go and be a leader in their lives. Share your own life with them and help them grow in their relationship with God. As a leader on a Global Expeditions trip, you have a unique chance to be an example to them.

As you journey with us, you will learn powerful ministry techniques, receive life-changing teaching, and make this summer the greatest one yet!

Together, we can make an impact this summer and change a life!