Team leader

Each team (usually comprised of 18-30 students) is led by Global Expeditions Certified Team Leaders (age 20+).

The Team Leaders work together to build a strong sense of family and positive morale among their students. They are responsible for providing direction and oversight at ministry sites and ensuring their missionaries are being effective. Team Leaders are responsible for developing their teams spiritually and holding them accountable to growth opportunities. They are expected to help their teens process through their trip as it progresses and cast vision on a daily basis. Team Leaders should be confident and ready to vocally direct a large group of students in the right direction.


Health Coach

It is our desire to have a volunteer Health Coach for each project, and sometimes for each team.

Health Coaches assist the project’s leadership by navigating through first aid needs. They monitor the students as they travel and serve on the mission field to ensure safety is always a priority. Health Coaches are required to have experience in the medical field and can be medics, nurses, doctors etc. When they are not advising the team on health issues, they have the opportunity to join in on the outreach opportunities in whatever country they’re in.


Country Assistant

Most projects will have a Country Assistant (age 20+).

They provide leadership support to the senior level project leaders (Project Directors) by assisting with the many logistics of the project. Country Assistants keep communication to parents alive by updating the group’s Facebook page, posting pictures while the trip is out on the field, and fielding incoming messages from parents. They keep documentation organized, run errands onsite, and serve as logistics support. Since they are involved with the behind-the-scene tasks, which are not always time consuming, they will also get the chance to join teams out on ministry.

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Missionary Advisors (ages 18-30) oversee 4-6 students of the same gender, providing one-on-one interaction with the young people similar to a camp counselor.

Their primary responsibility is the oversight and development of their small group. They provide constant supervision and frequent attendance checks to ensure the safety of each team member assigned to them.

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