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If God has put it on your heart to go on a short-term mission trip, you can be certain He will provide the way to go. Ask God to meet your financial needs to get out on the mission field, put fundraising strategies into practice and get prepared to live a life of mission! Every year we see thousands of students and groups go to the mission field with us. Each one comes sharing their own unique testimony of how God miraculously met their financial need to get on the mission field. We want to share a few testimonies of how God provided for some of our summer missionaries.


“I just wanted to encourage you to fully trust God to bring you to the country He is calling you to. I started my trip needing $2,100 and the Lord provided it all! The lives on the other end of the trip are much more important to Him than a few dollars. God did amazing things on my trip!” – Erin W.

“I raised $3,800 for my mission trip selling candy.” – Audrey R.

“My son and I sent out support letters early and the money just POURED in… we needed roughly $800 and we received over $1,400 (extra obviously went to our youth group)!…” – Trista W.

“I felt called to go to Peru. I decided to write an article and put it in the newspaper. One man that I had never met sent me a check for $1,500.”  – Mary D.

“We had a garage sale and raised over $2,000 in 1 day. God is amazing!” – Jeff B.

“I am always drinking Snapple and I took all the jars and decorated them with a note that read “Change for Thailand.” I put them in classrooms, restaurants, and asked people to put them beside their beds and kitchens. I raised over $600 in 1 month with spare change.”  – Courtney F.