21 Days – Trip A

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! In Nepal, you will spend one month ministering in one of the most “unreached” countries, in the world today. You will have the opportunity to go to a rehabilitation center and share the unending and unreserved love of Christ with those who feel that their worth has been stripped from them. During your mission to Nepal, you will also have the opportunity to take a two day trek up a mountain and minister to a people group who are, literally, an unreached tribe! (Trek Optional)(Ask a Trip Representative for Details)

Come with us on the adventure of a lifetime, to a country where absolutely no one will have heard the message of Jesus Christ! Use your summer to leave an impact far larger than you have ever imagined.



    This summer, be immersed into a culture completely different from everything you know: language, food, dress, lifestyle, and most importantly, beliefs. In a tribe that has never heard the name of Christ you will cross ethnic bounds by coming alongside of these individuals and speaking a language everyone will understand: love. Through love, you will see the impossible.


    Ministry is not for the faint of heart nor is it confined to the four walls of a church. This summer, you will be walking the streets and see the pain, skepticism, and desperate faces of the nations. Prepare to meet the hopeless and engage in one-on-one conversations that will dive deep into their lives as you share your personal testimony and The Hope of the Nations.


    Cue the music and prepare for the crowds to gather. As local nationals fill the streets you will find yourself literally, right in the middle of their busy lives presenting heart-wrenching dramas. In bold and relevant displays of the Gospel you will act out the very performances that will change a thousand lifetimes.


Day 1 – Arrive to your trips meeting airport in the US and board your international flight for your trip!

Day 2-3 – Train for your mission trip. You will learn about the outreaches you will be leading and how to interact with the people of Nepal. You will also learn how to share your testimony effectively.

Day 4-19 – Experience Nepal and share your life and faith among the people there!

Day 20 – Take a break and go on your fun day! Spend time celebrating with your new friends all God has done! You will also get critical “debriefing” training that will help prepare you to adapt successfully back into your own community and know how to share the story of your mission trip with your friends and family.

Day 21 – Travel back home and continue making a difference in your community!

* Schedule is subject to change *Project Directors and Team Leaders are required to arrive June 14 and Mission Advisers June 15 for the Leadership Training Experience.


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Nepal/India C | June 18 – July 29



Global Expeditions will work to secure your airfare from your Home to meet everyone at the Houston George Bust International Airport (IAH) then on to Nepal and back home after the trip.  If you are driving to IAH please talk to your representative.

Full-Time Leadership

Hand selected leadership that is with you at all times.


The cost for food is included in your trip cost so that all meals will be provided for you while with Global Expeditions.


Missionaries will be required to call home at least 3 times during the trip.


The housing accommodations will be in a secure hotel complex arranged by our ministry partners, but don’t let the word “hotel” fool you! This facility, like most community hotels, is not cooled to the same standards as American hotels and will be warm at night, the rooms will be close quarters and we’ll be bringing our own sleeping mats (or air mattresses) to sleep on, the electricity goes out randomly and certainly don’t count on a hotel maid to pick up after you or make your bed in the mornings! Nepal is rated a 5/5 for physical challenge and this hotel will initiate you into true Nepali life! On the plus side, there is a western style toilet in each room!

Fun Day

During our mission to Nepal one day will be set-aside for us to enjoy the beautiful and exotic country that we have traveled to. On this day you will get to experience the country in a fun way that you will leave you with stories you will never forget. Spend some time sightseeing and shopping around and pick up souvenirs to bring home to family and remember your adventure forever! Also, experience an incredible 1 Night/2 Days at Chitwan National Park, where the wildlife is said to compare to that in Africa -as it is home to several endangered species. Everyone will also have a chance to go on a Tharu village cultural tour that includes an elephant safari and jungle drive! There are also many historical monuments and the ministry partners will provide you with a lot of options to experience Nepal!

*Elephant Safari and some monuments will be an additional cost.


*Airfare not included *Estimated international airfare $2305 from IAH (subject to change) – Includes Travel Insurance *Must be at least 13 years old by trip start date.

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